Pateronage Technical Training Center [havalian], Abbottabad - Main Bazar, Havalian

Pateronage Technical Training Center [havalian], Abbottabad Overview

  • Institute Private University
  • Head Principal
  • Head NameNA


Pateronage Technical Training Center is an institute located in havalian Abbottabad. This institute provides training in different fields of life. The institute's main goal is to provide better and quality trainings to the local students. It offers a variety of diplomas which can be very useful for students and will help them with their future practical fields. The students can get professional advice from the designated staff which can be useful for them in the future

The main purpose of this institute is to provide pieces of training to not only male students but also to the female students.THis would help them to get quality education and trainings at their door steps. They offer different courses such as app developer, computer courses, hand and machine embroidery and similar courses.

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