Pakistan Institute Of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad - NILORE, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad.

Pakistan Institute Of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad Overview

  • Institute Private University
  • Head Rector
  • Head Name Dr. Muhammad Aslam


Pakistan Institute Of Engineering & Applied Sciences or PIEAS is the government-owned research University focused on the study of Engeenirng and nuclear studies. The institute is also one of the main nuclear facility of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. The institute was established in the year 1967 as a reactor school but later in 1976 it became the Centre for Nuclear studies with the affiliation of Quaid-e-Azam University and finally given the status of the degree-awarding institute in the year 2000. PIEAS was a ranked as NO.1 by higher education commission in the year 2017. The main aim of the institute is to get recognized at both national and international level as one of the prestigious academic institutes with higher moral and ethical values.

The institute currently has 10 departments under the supervision of very skilled and experianced teaching staff. The departments of institute are Chemical Engineering, Communication & Management Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Sciences, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Physics & Applied Mathematics

Discipline / Courses offered by Pakistan Institute Of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad

Discipline Duration Academic
BS - Chemical 4 Years Chemical
BS - Computer & Information Sciences 4 Years Computer & Information Sciences
B.Sc. [Engg.] - Electrical 4 Years Electrical
BS - Materials Engineering 4 Years Materials Engineering
B.Sc. [Engg.] - Mechanical 4 Years Mechanical
BS - Physics 4 Years Physics
Discipline Duration Academic
Ph.D. - Chemical & Process Engineering 3 Years Chemical process engineering
Ph.D. - Chemistry 3 Years Chemistry
Ph.D. - Computer Science 3 Years Computer Science
Ph.D. - Electrical 3 Years Electrical
Ph.D. - Mechanical 3 Years Mechanical
Ph.D. - Metallurgy & Materials 3 Years Metallurgy & Materials
Ph.D. - Nuclear Engineering 3 Years Nuclear engineering
Ph.D. - Physics 3 Years Physics
Ph.D. - Medical Physics 3 Years Medical Physics
Ph.D. - Radiation Pysics 3 Years Radiation pysics
Discipline Duration Academic
MS - Chemistry 2 Years Chemistry
MS - Computer Science 2 Years Computer Science
MS - Cyber Security 2 Years Cyber Security
MS - Electrical 2 Years Electrical
MS - Materials Engineering 2 Years Materials Engineering
MS - Mechanical 2 Years Mechanical
M.Sc. - Medical Oncology 2 Years Medical oncology
MS - Medical Physics 2 Years Medical Physics
MS - Mineral Resource Engineering 2 Years Mineral resource engineering
MS - Nuclear Engineering 2 Years Nuclear engineering
MS - Nuclear Medicine 2 Years Nuclear Medicine
MS - Physics 2 Years Physics
MS - Process Engineering 2 Years Process engineering
MS - Radiation Pysics 2 Years Radiation pysics
MS - System Engineering 2 Years System engineering

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