Idara Tadres Ul Qurran Yateem Khana - Abbottabad - ABBOTTABAD

Idara Tadres Ul Qurran Yateem Khana - Abbottabad Overview

  • Institute Private University
  • Head Principal
  • Head NameNA


Idara Tadres Ul Quran Yateem Khana is the private orphanage working on the betterment and welfare of children by giving them not just the place to live but also providing quality education. The institute is situated in the famous city of Abbottabad and currently host hundreds of children. Idara Tadrees Ul Quran was established in the year 2014.

The Institution is headed by the principal and offer various courses to the children. These courses emphasize on enhancing students technical capabilities as well as provide them with an education that is mandatory in the modern education system. The institute offers different courses including arts, designs as well as computer courses. The objective of this institute is to support those children who don't family, to make a place among society and do something useful for the country.

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