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Government Para Medical Institute Of Medical Technology, Abbottabad Overview

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Government para Medical Institute of medical technology is one of the leading medical colleges of Pakistan. The institute is situated in Abbottabad city. It is a government owned institution and works under the charter of government. As the institute was established primarily for the medical studies so it offers various diplomas and other medical related professional courses. The Institute offers various courses for time span of 2 years. There are different diploma courses available such as Diploma in cardiology, pathology, Nephrology and many others.

The Primary Goal of the institute is to help students to learn about some technical side of medical sciences. The Institute also maintains close links with the different hospitals and other health institutes which helps the student to understand the real time situation.

Frontier Institute Of Medical Sciences Abbottabad Admissions

Discipline / Courses offered by Government Para Medical Institute Of Medical Technology, Abbottabad

Discipline Duration Academic
DIP - Anaesthesiology 2 Years Anaesthesiology
DIP - Cardiology 2 Years Cardiology
DIP - Dental Technology 2 Years Dental Technology
DIP - Mother & Child Health Technology 2 Years Mother child health technology
DIP - Pathology 2 Years Pathology
DIP - Radiologic Technology 2 Years Radiologic Technology
DIP - Surgery Technology 2 Years Surgery Technology
Discipline Duration Academic
DIP - Audiology 2 Years Audiology
DIP - Dialysis Technology 2 Years Dialysis Technology
DIP - Gastroenterology 2 Years Gastroenterology
DIP - Health 2 Years Health
DIP - Nephrology 2 Years Nephrology
DIP - Ophthalmology 2 Years Ophthalmology
DIP - Otorhinolaryngology 2 Years Otorhinolaryngology
DIP - Pharmacy Technician 2 Years Pharmacy technician
DIP - Physiotherapy Technician 2 Years Physiotherapy technician
DIP - Pulmonology Technology 2 Years Pulmonology technology

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