Comwave Institute Of Information Technology [abt], Abbottabad - Sultan Plaza, Supply area, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad

Comwave Institute Of Information Technology [abt], Abbottabad Overview

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Comwave Institute Of Information Technology is the highly well reputed and HEC recognized institute, The Institute is affiliated with the Sarhad University of Science and Information technology (SUIT), the Comwave was established in the year 2000 and since then established three campuses in different cities. One Such campus is in Abbottabad district which has a very high literacy rate. The institute Abbottabad campus offers various undergraduate and graduate programs and currently have six faculties namely Technology, Computer Science, Management Science, health science, rehabilitation sciences, Arts & Sports centre. These faculties further offer various undergraduate and graduate programs.

The main goal of the institute is to provide the excellent level of education so it would enhance the intellectual capability of the students and help them throughout their professional lives. The Institute has state of the art laboratories, library and also provides the Transportation facility.

Discipline / Courses offered by Comwave Institute Of Information Technology [abt], Abbottabad

Discipline Duration Academic
BBA - Business Administration 4 Years Business Administration
B.TECH - Civil Technology 4 Years Civil Technology
B.COM - Commerce 2 Years Commerce
BS - Computer Science 4 Years Computer Science
ADE - Education 2 Years Education
B.ED - Education 1.5 Years Education
B.TECH - Electrical Technology 4 Years Electrical Technology
B.TECH - Electronics & Telecom 4 Years Electronics & Telecom
BS - Electronics Technology 4 Years Electronics Technology
B.TECH - Mechanical Technology 4 Years Mechanical Technology
BS - Microbiology 4 Years Microbiology
BS - Telecom Technology 4 Years Telecom Technology
Discipline Duration Academic
DIP - Drawing 1 Years Drawing
DIP - Education [physical] 1 Years Education [physical]
Discipline Duration Academic
MBF - Banking & Finance 2 Years Banking & Finance
M.Com. - Commerce 2 Years Commerce
M.Ed. - Education 1 Years Education
M.Sc. - Education [health & Physical] 2 Years Education [health & Physical]
M.Sc. - Electronics 2 Years Electronics
M.Sc. - Microbiology 2 Years Microbiology
M.Sc. - Telecommunication 2 Years Telecommunication
Discipline Duration Academic
MBA - Banking & Finance 2 Years Banking & Finance
MBA - Finance & Accounting 2 Years Finance & Accounting
MBA - Human Resource Development 2 Years Human resource development
MBA - Human Resources Management 2 Years Human Resources Management
MBA IT - Information Technology 2 Years Information Technology
MBA - Information Technology Management 2 Years Information Technology Management
MBA - Islamic Banking & Finance 2 Years Islamic Banking & Finance
MBA - Marketing 2 Years Marketing
MBA - Project Management 2 Years Project Management

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