Aga Khan University - Karachi - National Stadium Rd, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi,

Aga Khan University - Karachi Overview

  • Institute University
  • Head President
  • Head Name Firoz Rasul


Aga Khan University is the Privately owned educational institute providing multiple education programs to its students. The institute is perhaps one of the most well reputed private institutes as it has in different counties too. The institute was established in the year 1983 and currently hosts more than 2000 students in its Pakistan campus which is situated in the city of Karachi. The institute has the honour of being ranked as the top 100 Universities in the field of clinical medicines and it's considered as very prestigious institute among International education sectors. The main aim of the institute is the development of human society through providing quality knowledge to the individuals and producing graduates who can bring positive change in society and are highly skilled and competent.

The institute has faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Health Science, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Medical College and Institute for educational development.

Aga Khan University Karachi Admissions

Aga Khan University Karachi Offering Scholarship Programs

Aga Khan University Karachi Offering Scholarship Programs

Discipline / Courses offered by Aga Khan University - Karachi

Discipline Duration Academic
AAS - Dental Hygienist 2 Years Dental Hygienist
MBBS - Medicine - Mbbs 5 Years Medicine - MBBS
Discipline Duration Academic
DIP - Dental Hygienist 1 Years Dental Hygienist
Discipline Duration Academic
Ph.D. - Biological Sciences 3 Years Biological Sciences
Ph.D. - Clinical Sciences 3 Years Clinical sciences
Ph.D. - Education 3 Years Education
Ph.D. - Health Science 3 Years Health science
Ph.D. - Nursing 3 Years Nursing
Discipline Duration Academic
M.Ed. - Education 2 Years Education
M.Sc. - Epidemiology & Biostatistics 4 Years Epidemiology biostatistics
M.Sc. - Health Policy Management 2 Years Health policy management
MHPE - Health Professions Education 2 Years Health professions education
M.Sc. - Nursing 2 Years Nursing
Discipline Duration Academic
M.Phil. - Education 2 Years Education

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